Quiz 2 (Tuesday May 8th & Thursday May 10)

The format for the quiz will be the same as the last quiz.

click here for what you need to know



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  1. My visit to the Pratt Gallery was really interesting! I loved how I was able to see how hard these women worked to achieve their status as Graphic Designers. I think it shows true talent to be able to create such precise piece of art without using any technology… I really liked all of the work, but the piece that caught my eye was Deutsch Einheit by Elaine Lustig Cohen. It was a mixed media piece which features a rubixcube-like design with bold colors and minimal typography. I like this piece because the colors used, complemented each other, and the design was simple enough that it didn’t bother the eye, but complex enough that made it interesting. I also liked that the background wasn’t bright white, so the content sat on the page comfortably, as opposed to it standing out in an in-organic way.

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